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We are NRB intending to build a better Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s annual growth rate averaged more than 6% over the past ten years. This rate reached 7%, even a higher rate than the average, in the last two years. This is a great achievement for the people of Bangladesh. This economic growth was coupled with significant improvement in poverty elimination, human resource development, and reduced economic vulnerability. Consequently, the United Nations has declared that Bangladesh has passed all the criteria to graduate from the LDC and enter the process to become a developing country. As we celebrate, it is important to be mindful of the difficulty of the task ahead of us.The Government of Bangladesh wants to open a dialogue with the Bangladeshi expatriates to work together to maintain the momentum and potentially accelerate the growth. 

The Government of Bangladesh considers the Bangladeshi Diaspora in the US as an integral part of the development process of the nation. The country can benefit significantly from your experiences, talents, and investments. Therefore, to create a favorable and positive environment to foster a meaningful engagement with you, the Government of Bangladesh, through the UNDP funded Knowledge for Development Management (K4DM) project, has undertaken a major initiative. A high-level task force has been formed to bring together senior officials and experts from various departments. This task force will work as an interim body to launch activities, decide on the future course of actions, and finally, help establish a formal sustainable infrastructure. 

The task force has determined three areas that the Bangladeshi diaspora can engage in the development of Bangladesh. They are referred to as the “PIE”, P for Philanthropy, I for Investment, and E for Expert Affiliation. If you are interested to join this exciting journey of contributing towards the development of Bangladesh in any of these categories, then join us on this exciting journey.