While Charity may address the temporary crisis, it is Philanthropy that will provide the long-term and sustainable solutions. This is the first area of interest of the task force initiative. Research showed that a significant number of NRB Diaspora contributes to Bangladesh but they do it on a personal basis. In doing so, they experience a multitude of issues and in many cases, the project becomes abandoned due to long delays in the process. The lack of administrative support and oversight are also identified as major causes. To make philanthropic efforts smooth and meaningful, the task force is developing workflows. These streamlined workflows will help to get the projects completed in record time while recognizing the contributors in a proper manner. NRBs can donate money, or land for their own area or any other areas in Bangladesh. There will be a menu of opportunities where they can donate too. These philanthropic contributions can be with recognition, anonymous or for a name.

A number of scenarios how a philanthropic project can be implemented have been listed in the FAQ section.